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Current Research

I am a visual and performance artist. Currently I am working mostly with paint, clay and performance. I am passionate with working with communities. I am in constant communication with artist communities in Nairobi and Halifax and my work is a combination of stories that the people around me and myself have lived through. or are currently experiencing. I started my journey of studying medium, surfaces, objects and acts in relation to stories, experiences and imagination almost ten years ago when I visited Tabaka Soapstone Quaries in Kisii, Nyanza, Western Kenya where I had my first artist in residence.

My projects cover a variety of themes including fertility, politics, hope, dreams and reality. My three dimensional work depends greatly on different forms of abstraction, as does my two dimensional work but I play more with distance and depth on two dimensional surfaces and the concept of abstraction in sound and video/ performance. While observing fruits for example, I allow my environment to have a voice as I paint. My dreams and imagination are given space in my work as well as my interactions with the people around me affect my dreams and feelings. Spontaneous creation is an area I am really interested in and keep developing through all these forms of expression. My passion for community involvement draws interests to the various use of language, images and popular elements within various communities to express meaning.

The various people I interact with or my art interacts with communicate with me and my work, my current work and these communications inform my future work.  This feedback process has drawn my interest into research that I am developing in the various areas and stages of work making art based research my latest entrant as a medium of interest in my work.

Aggrey Agwata

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