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Obol Andrew Jackson

Black Fatherhood: Washing Out Stereotypes 

Illustrating Black Fathers in a Positive Light 

Stereotypes like the absent, violent, or distant Black father dominate when it comes to discourses about Black Fatherhood. Underpinned by colonial patriarchal masculinity these negative notions imposed on Black fathers are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to understanding many of the struggles we face. There is an increasing number of Black children growing up in single parent households, mostly led by the mothers, where the Black fathers are largely out of sight, or worse. Meanwhile, dominant media and the entertainment industry exaggerate this trap. This research interrogates both the realities and portrayal of Black fatherhood in an effort to uncover some of the reasons Black fathers struggle as well as some of the ways we are transgressing this predicament. Through ink and wash conceptual illustrations based on personal reflections and interviews with two other Black fathers, I ask what is the difference between toxic and positive masculinity? I hope that this composite video sheds light on some of the stumbling blocks in Black fatherhood while offering some strategies for overcoming them. 


Also, check out my previous semester field notes from the Research Methods class. The method of synthesising weekly class readings into poetic field notes helped me internalize and relate deeper to academic content and also helped in my research on Black Fatherhood: Washing Out Stereotypes.

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