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Partial Anecdotes is in essence a celebration of research and art education practices. Research is becoming less accessible as time goes by. Journals are locked behind expensive subscriptions, and obtaining access can be a time consuming and difficult process. Moreover, research that manages to reach the public is often scrutinized and doubted in an era of fake news, or taken out of context for other's agendas. As the first cohort of the NSCAD Master of Arts in Art Education program begin their own research process, we consider it crucial to showcase the variety of methodologies used, topics being engaged, and the new questions being posed. This showcase not only acts as an introduction to the program, but highlights our respective works that explore themes of pedagogy, curation, studio practices, and community engagement. These fragments signal the beginning of research that will help to generate innovative, more accessible knowledge generation  approaches in the field of art education.

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Kayla Rudderham

Erased Connections

Obol Andrew Jackson

Black Fatherhood: Washing Out Stereotypes 

Aggrey Agwata

Current Research

Alexia Mitchell

The Base of Creativity

Claudia Pardo

Inside A Cube

Sadie Bills

From Granite to Gneiss

Ankie Li

Confused Book

Adi Fleisher

Mirroring technologies that are mirroring us

Ali Zargari

Social Media and Human Development

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